Our Team

Art Cunningham

Arthur Cunningham


Arthur Cunningham was the Senior Aboriginal/Tribal Relations Policy advisor of TransCanada for 30 years. He has been a member of the Calgary Chamber of Commerce, Aboriginal Opportunities Committee since 1994. He has also participated in multiple non-profit organizations such as the Calgary Friendship Centre, the Calgary Aboriginal Women’s Shelter and the Circle for Aboriginal Relations. He was governor of the Children and Family Services in Calgary for 16 years. He is the recipient of the Chief David Crowchild Memorial Award.

His excellent form of connecting indigenous communities with corporations can be noted through various forms. Mr. Cunningham has mainly focused throughout his career on designing, planning and managing corporate and project-specific negotiations with Aboriginal communities. His expanded and diversified knowledge in the area of public participation in relation to indigenous communities has allowed for successful partnerships in various resource development projects. 

He is responsible for strategic development and leading the firm.

Carla Garcia

Carla Garcia

Vice President

Carla Garcia has a combined Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from the University of Calgary and a Bachelor of Business Administration from Yacambu University. She holds an Aboriginal Relations Leadership Certificate from the University of Calgary and is fluent in English, French and Spanish.

Mrs. Garcia has worked with the Calgary Resources Society and Prime Timers Club, providing services to the community by establishing relationships and promoting participation. She utilizes her diplomatic and ethical decision-making skills in a manner which allows her to think outside the box when negotiating and resolving social conflicts. 

When analyzing the indigenous people and their needs – what is of importance to them and their cultural as well as political views – Carla demonstrates a well-placed intuitive yet analytical insightfulness which draws from her knowledge in sociological theory and sound empirical evidence. 

She is responsible for managing the firm’s operations.