Roundtable provides leading services in Indigenous relations. We develop aboriginal strategic solutions to the proponents and communities primarily for resource development projects in sectors such as: mining, oil & gas, power and pulp and paper. We have more than 30 years of experience incorporating and engaging the corporate world in successful indigenous relations – all this with a practical and effective relational approach. 

We work in aboriginal reconciliation and engagement. Reconciliation fortunes us with new relations and frameworks helping us define clear requirements and adapt them to our client’s needs. We are able to work in new solutions by mainly transforming aboriginal relationships into healthy and solid platforms. 

Roundtable is a tool that allows clients to learn, establish, and experiment with reconciliation by implementing awareness programs, engaging key actors, and contributing to the sharing of aboriginal knowledge between stakeholders. 

We understand and recognize sovereignty as one key element in indigenous relations. Yet we also understand that sovereignty is attainable by achieving economic stability and how aboriginal people can provide for their community and family.  

We are sensitive to the different social conflicts and issues present in our society. We look to support both the community and the industry in establishing sustainable and winning relations that provide positive opportunities for a promising resource development project.

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